Reddit is talking about Lisp again

People use the opportunity to write about their feelings regarding the "Lisp community" in the comments of one post. The post is currently on the front page of And rising.

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CL-EMB 0.4.3 released

Current version 0.4.3 of CL-EMB now uses the faster file slurping function from and got a new template tag @insert I fixed an example for generator loops in the README

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SBCL 0.9.10 will be able to create executable binaries

From the NEWS file in the current CVS version of SBCL: new feature: new SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE keyword argument :EXECUTABLE canbe used for bundling the runtime and the core file into oneexecutable binary. This feature is not currently supported on all SBCLplatforms. (thanks to James Bielman and NIIMI Satoshi)

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Oh, boy. EbOY switched to WordPress.

Former Common Lisp figurehead EbOY has switched to WordPress. I'm awaiting EbOY clones any second now … :-)

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The Task at Hand

One reddit user really had some problems with my last blog entry Don't say "no"! In the comments on reddit he was obsessed with the four little words "the task at hand". I was giving a bad advice by letting a programmer choose his own tools to do his work. As if a programmer can't think for himself. When you don't have any additional budget at all and you think Delphi would fit the current problem, then you are out of luck....

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Don't say "no"!

Lisp is for the mediocre programmer, too.(Based on my posting <>) Every now and then I read a Usenet posting or blog entry about the somewhat frightening question from management: "Will someone else be able to work on your Common Lisp code?" Then most people explain why they had to say "no". You all know the reasons why they think they have to give this answer. But are the reasons really valid?...

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Tip for users of Lispbox 0.7 for Windows: Upgrading from GNU CLISP 2.37 to version 2.38

Lispbox is used by people who want to learn Common Lisp, not how to manage their installation of the IDE and Common Lisp implementation. So here are the simple steps you have to do if you want to upgrade your Lispbox 0.7 for Windows to GNU CLISP 2.38: Download current version from (I've chosen the version with readline and gettext.) Extract the directory clisp-2.38 to your lispbox directory....

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#+(and sbcl win32) 'heureka

HEUREKAAs reported by Juho Snellman.

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Released CL-EMB 0.4.1 and CL-WIKI 0.0.2

I just released CL-EMB 0.4.1 andCL-WIKI 0.0.2. CL-WIKI usesthe latest release 0.6.0 of CL-WHO for whichI've supplied some patches. CL-WHO now canproduce old school HTML. Versions below 0.6.0 just generate XHTML. There are several wikis for almost every web aware programming language.Wikipedia has aList of wiki software.The sad thing about that list: There's just one wiki engine forCommon Lisp at the moment. That's why I have started the project CL-WIKI.Very, very simple at the beginning....

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CL-EMB 0.3.0 - Generator loops

Released version 0.3.0 of CL-EMB. One ofthe new features are generator loops. On every iteration agenerator function is called.See the announcement for more information.

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