Person responsible

According to the German law Telemediengesetz § 5.

Stefan Scholl
Freisbacher Weg 3
67376 Harthausen

Telefon 0178 2178094


IP addresses and other access data

The following data gets written into the webserver's logfile for every access:

  • IP address of your device,
  • browser information (browser vendor and version, operating system, language settings, etc.),
  • accessed service,
  • protocol version,
  • name of accessed file/page (URL),
  • date and time of access,
  • size of transfered data,
  • status (errors, success, etc.).

This information will be used for statistics and removed after 30 days. The full IP address will be stored 7 days for security reasons. After that the address will get anonymized, non reversible.


No cookies are permanently stored in the browser. Settings relating to the look and feel are temporarily saved and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Technical: Data is temporarily stored in sessionStorage. This is a technique comparable to temporary cookies, but cannot be read by the server.