Want to learn programming or just another programming language?

PLT Scheme is a nice implementation of the Scheme language. The upcoming version 4.0 will include many things that make programming and learning to program easy. The Tour in Video announces a 10 minute short YouTube video showing the programming environment DrScheme (belongs to PLT Scheme). This beats SLIME, IMHO.

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Common Lisp gives Perl 6 wings

See Perl 6 to machine code via Common Lisp and sbcl: KindaPerl6 is a self-compiling compiler written in a subset of Perl 6 with support for multiple emitter backends. [...] now the Common Lisp backend is getting up to speed.

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How to install SBCL on MacOS X

$ sudo port install sbcl (You need MacPorts for this, of course.)

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Everybody talks about Arc again

Arc walks the blogosphere again. The LtU article and comments on programming.reddit.com show that there's still some interest in the topic. Although we have all waited a very long time. Arc currently powers a spam-filter and Y Combinator's Startup News, some kind of reddit.com clone. John Wiseman says "I used to think people working on new Lisp-like languages were misguided, but after internalizing the idea that Common Lisp is static, and therefore dead, I'm a lot more sympathetic....

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Programming Language Harmony

You can find some snippets to make Python work with Haskell on PythonVsHaskell. The code is for Windows, but it shouldn't be difficult to adapt this to Unix. Finding this on a X vs Y page gives you some hope in humanity again. :-) In the real world it isn't about which one is the ultimate programming language. When you think beyond this, you can choose more freely and combine the best of all the available tools for the job....

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Lisp is mentioned in Practical OCaml

In the second paragraph of the first chapter of Practical OCaml you can read OCaml is not a popular language in the way that Java is a popular language. Flame wars rarely break out over non-Lisp languages that are not in the mainstream. I can't describe how proud I am. :-)

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The Month of the Hunchentoot

Edi Weitz asked if people would be interested in using Hunchentoot (a web server implemented atop of TBNL) in Common Lisp implementations other than LispWorks. A few weeks later the Month of the Hunchentoot began. :-)

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I don't care


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Imagine Common Lisp's CPAN variant is down and nobody cares

Javier asks in his post <1152957974.751393.130630@b28g2000cwb.googlegroups.com> on comp.lang.lisp what's happening to cliki.net. The site is down. And about two days later there's no information in the newsgroup comp.lang.lisp or on Planet Lisp. No blog mentions anything. It's like nobody really cares. But cliki.net is heavily used for "Common Lisp's answer to CPAN", ASDF-Install. I'm guessing there are just some technical problems and danb has enough to do to fix it. So I don't want to critize him or anyone else who is helping to fix the problem, instead of writing about it in his blog or on the news....

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Some crazy guy announced a Python implementation in Common Lisp!

Willem Broekema announced CLPython in his news posting <1152045368.275100.86920@b68g2000cwa.googlegroups.com> today. That's really crazy shit! (Meant in a good way! :-) A Python implementation in Common Lisp. At the moment it's Allegro only, but in the future we could perhaps compile CLPython with Python to run Python ... (CMUCL's compiler is called Python, too. :-) Sound's like fun. By the way: There's a similar approach called Python-on-lisp. This project uses the real Python and builds a bridge to it....

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