On announcements said that all versions of Adobe Flash are affected by an exploit. This information was updated later: Only old versions are affected. The current version is OK (for now).

So, now it's 2008-06-07 and I checked 4 sites on Google Analytics. Only the last week from 2008-05-30 to 2008-06-06:


Site B and C are two blogs that mentioned the urgency of updating the Flash plugin. Site A is a simple service. Site D the site of a media company for print, web, etc.
You can do the math to see that there are a lot of people using even older versions of Flash, that have even more security vulnerabilities. The table just shows the last two versions.

I have to repeat the question from the title:


There is no safe place on the web. Every corner of the WWW can be the host of evil code. Harmless websites could include uncontrolled ads from unknown sources. A comment could exploit some bugs on a blog or similar page (MySpace, Facebook, ...) to hide code to include remote Flash files.

Check your version of Adobe Flash and update if necessary! NOW!