On 2008-04-29 I wrote Update your Flash! because a lot of users still used a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash. Date of the Security Bulletin: 2008-04-08 On 2008-05-28 I wrote Deactivate your Flash!, because the first announcements said that all versions of Adobe Flash are affected by an exploit. This information was updated later: Only old versions are affected. The current version is OK (for now). So, now it's 2008-06-07 and I checked 4 sites on Google Analytics....

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Deactivate your Flash!

First I said "Update your Flash!" and now even the most current version isn't enough: Adobe Flash zero-day exploit in the wild (ZDNet)Bug in Flash 9 being exploited by hackers (Intology) The current (unsecure) version is No update available at this moment. IMPORTANT UPDATE: isn't vulnerable to this exploit

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Update your Flash!

Flash has one big problem: No automatic updates. Firefox checks for updates of itself and all installed add-ons. But plugins are ignored. This can lead to some troubles. The Random Password Generator had over 3000 visits the last few days. I checked the Google Analytics statistics and only 13.85% of the visitors had a current version of Flash. Important bugfixes aren't installed on a lot of computers! Check your Flash version!...

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