I just released CL-EMB 0.4.1 and
CL-WIKI 0.0.2.

CL-WIKI uses
the latest release 0.6.0 of CL-WHO for which
I've supplied some patches. CL-WHO now can
produce old school HTML. Versions below 0.6.0 just generate XHTML.

There are several wikis for almost every web aware programming language.
Wikipedia has a
List of wiki software.
The sad thing about that list: There's just one wiki engine for
Common Lisp at the moment.

That's why I have started the project CL-WIKI.
Very, very simple at the beginning. But I hope to turn it into a wiki engine that can
compete with the existing ones.

You can help by subscribing to the mailing list
cl-wiki-devel and
discussing the future of CL-WIKI.