CL-EMB 0.4.3 released

Current version 0.4.3 of CL-EMB now uses the faster file slurping function from and got a new template tag @insert I fixed an example for generator loops in the README

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Released CL-EMB 0.4.1 and CL-WIKI 0.0.2

I just released CL-EMB 0.4.1 andCL-WIKI 0.0.2. CL-WIKI usesthe latest release 0.6.0 of CL-WHO for whichI've supplied some patches. CL-WHO now canproduce old school HTML. Versions below 0.6.0 just generate XHTML. There are several wikis for almost every web aware programming language.Wikipedia has aList of wiki software.The sad thing about that list: There's just one wiki engine forCommon Lisp at the moment. That's why I have started the project CL-WIKI.Very, very simple at the beginning....

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CL-EMB 0.3.0 - Generator loops

Released version 0.3.0 of CL-EMB. One ofthe new features are generator loops. On every iteration agenerator function is called.See the announcement for more information.

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Update day: CL-EMB, TBNL, mod_lisp, and SBCL

Today was update day. CL-EMB 0.2.1, TBNL 0.3.4, mod_lisp 2.41, and SBCL 0.8.17. TBNL has fileupload now (since 0.3.1) and there aren't (m)any missing features left. Current versions of mod_lisp must be optained directly from the subversion repository. SBCL now has unicode support. But be careful and test your code!

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Released version 0.2.0 of CL-EMB yesterday and submitted it to Its project page looks cozy. :-)

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CL-EMB 0.1.1

Released version 0.1.1 of CL-EMB today. Still a leading "0." in the version string.

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CL-EMB examples

CL-EMB is still lacking a decent documentation. But hey, it's still version 0.0.3! I've started a list of examples to accompany the ugly README file. Will be included in the next release.

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CL-EMB has found a home at And the first user has sent a patch. Nice to know that some people aren't afraid of a 0.0.1 release. :-)

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New template system with embedded Common Lisp: CL-EMB

Today I have released CL-EMB. It's a kind of combination of LSP (LispServer Pages) and HTML-TEMPLATE. You can embed Common Lisp (hence the name) into textfiles. Between <% and %> can be Common Lisp or special template tags like @if, @repeat, @loop, ... It's in an early stage. Version 0.0.1. Needs a real documentation and lots of examples.

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