Random password generator updated

The random password generator has 2 new features: Length of a password and number of words

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My Skin Color of Choice

Yes, that's me. I'm a rebel. :-)

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No future for Factor on MacOS X 10.4

Slava Pestov: "Daniel Ehrenberg is planning on writing an Objective C 2.0 binding, and once this is done I don't want to keep the old Objective C bridge around anymore. At this point, we will drop 10.4 support." http://permalink....

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Gasoline expensive in the US? Come to Germany!

Today I paid €1.459 per liter. That's €5.52 per US Gallon. At the current rate: $8.73 for the Gallon. A bargain! :-)

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YouTube has made us regress

Patton Oswalt (you probably know him from The King of Queens) talks about YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=f5-VUNXl9D4 (I don't know how long this link survives. Maybe the video is long gone when you read this.) UPDATE: Video is gone now. :-(

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Some strange new feature for Perl

Who would have expected this? http://perl.org/six

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Randomizing a sequence in Factor

In Trivial Sequence Shuffling, Leslie P. Polzer posted an easy and short version of a sequence shuffler in Common Lisp. The sort function has to do all the work. Not a recommended way to shuffle your sequences, but a short one. The Factor version isn't very long, too: USING: sorting random ; : seqrnd ( seq -- rndseq ) [ 2drop { -1 0 1 } random ] sort ; !...

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Mozilla's Add-Ons Site redesigned

Announced in the Mozilla Blog: The add-ons site is now available in a new design. It looks very nice. I have just one problem: Today I wanted to check if my installed add-ons are ready for Firefox 3. The old site had a version information like "1.5 - 3.0b4". This information is gone now.

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Batteries included

The imports of a current project at work: $ grep -h import *.py|sort -u from __future__ import with_statement from cStringIO import StringIO from ftplib import FTP from xml.etree import ElementTree import ConfigParser import csv import glob import logging, logging.handlers import os import sys import time import traceback import zipfile Small program (500 lines, w/o empty lines and comments), but a lot of things get done. You don't have to download and install a single additional library for this....

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Userstyle to mark NSFW links on reddit.com's front-page

Since the big normalization on reddit.com, there are complaints about the links to posts from the NSFW subreddit. People don't want to click on such links when they are at work. Bare breasts can cost you your job at some places. NSFW = Not Safe For Work I posted a userstyle called "Mark NSFW links on reddit.com" to make those links a bit more visible. The code: @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml); @-moz-document domain("reddit....

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