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It was time again to change the blogging software. Sorry if the newsfeed is showing old messages as new.

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Nice Anti Register Globals Code

Found in Textpattern: if (@ini_get('register_globals')) foreach ( $_REQUEST as $name => $value ) unset($$name);

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Benchmarks are merciless

JavaScript vs. PythonPHP vs. Python A number 1/4 for A vs. B means that B is 4 times slower than A. The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is more a community benchmark than a programming language benchmark. You get some ballpark figures that confirm what you already know beforehand: C++ is faster than Ruby :-) But it's still depressing to see that a current implementation of JavaScript is faster than Python.

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IE is not a current browser!

It's an OS extension that got recently updated to support over 10 year old standards.

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Bookmarklet for HQ Videos on YouTube

YouTube sometimes gives you an HQ button to switch to a version with higher quality. But not all videos have this button. You can add "&fmt=18" to the URL and most of the time the video is better than the default one. Or you can bookmark (or better drag and drop it on the bookmark toolbar) the following bookmarklet: YouTube-HQ This was done quick and dirty and may stop working tomorrow....

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Yes, that's me

$ grep -r 'Stefan Scholl' /usr/lib/ruby/1.8 | wc -l 3

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CodeIgniter likes the eval()

$ grep -r 'eval(' codeigniter/ | wc -l 20 Version 1.7.1. From the changelog: Fixed an arbitrary script execution security flaw Well, who would have expected that?

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Old Perl Code

Uh, oh. Just found some old Perl code of mine. It's from 1998-05-31: [...] return undef unless defined($findit); return 1; } Well, in my defense: It's Perl. ;-) OK, this can't excuse it. But don't be afraid: The program isn't used anymore.

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Hey, let's deploy this Python Web Application!

Please choose: Apache + mod_pythonWSGICGIFastCGIPython webserver Python webserver behind ProxySCGIjust give upBackground: A customer's hosting service has a nice table with all features that are available. Packet A and B don't allow Python and Ruby. But packet C does. Nice! Nice? They don't tell you which version of Python or how to use/deploy it.

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Tcl Shocker

The article Tcl the misunderstood does a good job explaining most of Tcl's features. But some things can shock most programmers. Things that could fulfill the perverted dreams of a PHP user: $ tclsh % set a pu pu % set b ts ts % $a$b "Hello World" Hello World But don't let this stop you from learning/using Tcl.It's still a nice glue language.

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