Lispbox is used by people who want to learn Common Lisp, not how to manage their installation of the IDE and Common Lisp implementation.

So here are the simple steps you have to do if you want to upgrade your Lispbox 0.7 for Windows to GNU CLISP 2.38:

  1. Download current version from (I've chosen the version with readline and gettext.)

  2. Extract the directory clisp-2.38 to your lispbox directory.

  3. Copy the file lispbox-register.el from the clisp-2.37 directory into the new directory clisp-2.38

  4. Open the file lispbox-register.el (in clisp-2.38) with an editor and change the clisp-2.37 to clisp-2.38

  5. Delete the old directory clisp-2.37 or just rename the file lispbox-register.el in it so that it can't be found by emacs' start scripts.

You may want to start (double-click) install.bat inside clisp-2.38 to register the filetypes .fas, .lisp, .mem, etc.