The reality of Stefan Scholl

"I hope there's pudding"

Hey, let's deploy this Python Web Application!

Please choose:

  1. Apache + mod_python
  2. WSGI
  3. CGI
  4. FastCGI
  5. Python webserver
  6. Python webserver behind Proxy
  7. SCGI
  8. just give up
Background: A customer's hosting service has a nice table with all features that are available. Packet A and B don't allow Python and Ruby. But packet C does. Nice!


They don't tell you which version of Python or how to use/deploy it.

Emacs is like beer

There's much peer pressure when it comes to beer. People expect you to drink and think you are weak if you don't.

Reminds me of Emacs.

Emacs users can't understand that not everybody wants to use their favorite "editor". This comes double if it is a programming language community that got emacsyfied, like the Lisp community.

Paul Graham used Vim and GNU/CLISP to become rich. He wrote some essays and inspired many programmers to try out Common Lisp as well.
But today you are weak if you don't use Emacs, SLIME, and SBCL.

I mentioned enclojure somewhere. It's an IDE for Clojure. But I guess people will stick with Emacs. And they will not admit it if it was the wrong choice for them.
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