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Deactivate your Flash!

First I said "Update your Flash!" and now even the most current version isn't enough:

The current (unsecure) version is No update available at this moment.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: isn't vulnerable to this exploit

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$9 for the Gallon

Current gasoline price in Germany is €1.539 for the liter. That's €5.826 for the Gallon. At today's rate $9.077 for the Gallon.

A bit over a month ago it was at $8.73.
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Fan of Harry Potter and Python?

$ sudo ln -s `which python` /usr/local/bin/parseltongue

Mozilla's Add-Ons Site supports Compatibility Ranges again!

In Mozilla's Add-Ons Site redesigned I was a bit disappointed, because I wasn't able to see if my favorite add-ons will still work with Firefox 3 anymore. The redesign removed the information about the compatibility of an add-on.

A minor revision of the add-ons site has now restored this information.

Check it yourself. Visit the NoScript page, scroll down a bit, and there you are:

Works with:
  • Firefox: - 3.0pre

Thanks to the AMO development team. Thanks to Paul Kim for the information!

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How do you know that a new month has started?

Your INBOX is filled with mailing list membership reminders.

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