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Update your Flash!

Flash has one big problem: No automatic updates.

Firefox checks for updates of itself and all installed add-ons. But plugins are ignored. This can lead to some troubles.

The Random Password Generator had over 3000 visits the last few days. I checked the Google Analytics statistics and only 13.85% of the visitors had a current version of Flash. Important bugfixes aren't installed on a lot of computers!

Check your Flash version!

At the time of this post, the current version is

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Random password generator updated

The random password generator has 2 new features: Length of a password and number of words

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My Skin Color of Choice

Yes, that's me. I'm a rebel. :-)

No future for Factor on MacOS X 10.4

Slava Pestov: "Daniel Ehrenberg is planning on writing an Objective C 2.0 binding,
and once this is done I don't want to keep the old Objective C bridge
around anymore. At this point, we will drop 10.4 support."
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Gasoline expensive in the US? Come to Germany!

Today I paid €1.459 per liter. That's €5.52 per US Gallon. At the current rate: $8.73 for the Gallon.

A bargain! :-)

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YouTube has made us regress

Patton Oswalt (you probably know him from The King of Queens) talks about YouTube:

(I don't know how long this link survives. Maybe the video is long gone when you read this.)

UPDATE: Video is gone now. :-(

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Some strange new feature for Perl

Who would have expected this?

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Randomizing a sequence in Factor

In Trivial Sequence Shuffling, Leslie P. Polzer posted an easy and short version of a sequence shuffler in Common Lisp. The sort function has to do all the work. Not a recommended way to shuffle your sequences, but a short one.

The Factor version isn't very long, too:

USING: sorting random ;
: seqrnd ( seq -- rndseq ) [ 2drop { -1 0 1 } random ] sort ;

! Testing it:
"Trivial Sequence Shuffling in Factor" seqrnd .
"rloFt necanagi ilcfefquh SneuiSrivT"

But you should rather use a Fisher-Yates shuffle.

UPDATE (2009-11-08):
Doesn't work anymore in current versions of Factor. Needs a few changes:

USING: sorting math.order random ;
: seqrnd ( seq -- rndseq ) [ 2drop { +lt+ +eq+ +gt+ } random ] sort ;

! Testing it:
"Trivial Sequence Shuffling in Factor" seqrnd >string .
"cfie S onirateS vT lrcqFuengihufilna"
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