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Mozilla's Add-Ons Site redesigned

Announced in the Mozilla Blog: The add-ons site is now available in a new design.

It looks very nice. I have just one problem: Today I wanted to check if my installed add-ons are ready for Firefox 3. The old site had a version information like "1.5 - 3.0b4". This information is gone now.

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Batteries included

The imports of a current project at work:

$ grep -h import *.py|sort -u
from __future__ import with_statement
from cStringIO import StringIO
from ftplib import FTP
from xml.etree import ElementTree
import ConfigParser
import csv
import glob
import logging, logging.handlers
import os
import sys
import time
import traceback
import zipfile

Small program (500 lines, w/o empty lines and comments), but a lot of things get done.

You don't have to download and install a single additional library for this. Everything is included in the standard distribution of Python 2.5. "Batteries Included", they call it. And it fits.

I know, this isn't unique to Python. But it's seldom enough in the programming language world to be mentioned. And it's not only quantity. The libraries are very usable and have most of the features you need. It was possible to generate some data from multiple XML files and send it in a ZIP archive to a ftp server - all without generating any real files in the local filesystem.

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Userstyle to mark NSFW links on's front-page

Since the big normalization on, there are complaints about the links to posts from the NSFW subreddit. People don't want to click on such links when they are at work. Bare breasts can cost you your job at some places.

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

I posted a userstyle called "Mark NSFW links on" to make those links a bit more visible.

The code:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
a[href="/r/nsfw/"].link-subreddit {
color: red !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

UPDATE: Change the "link-subreddit" to "hover" for the new layout.

UPDATE (2009-03-07): Hey, has a password recovery now! I've updated the userstyle. Too bad there's no way to comment on the review there that says the style doesn't work. It works now.

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
a[href="/r/nsfw/"].hover {
color: red !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

Random password generator for pronounceable passwords

Can't think of any good password? Just generate a random one.

Random Password Generator gives you a pronounceable password. Easy to remember.
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Web Developer extension now supports Firefox 3

Good news everyone! Web Developer now supports Firefox 3. See the history and announcement.
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"\'" in PHP

$ cat test.php
$string = "O\'Reilly";
echo $string, "\n";
$ php test.php

That's documented but not expected.

Languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, Common Lisp, C, Scheme, OCaml, Erlang, Haskell, Tcl, JavaScript, etc. print the expected "O'Reilly".

One small stone you can stumble on.

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