The reality of Stefan Scholl

"I hope there's pudding"

Today's output of eix-sync (Gentoo)

<< x11-misc/gaia ([M]~0.1.0): opensource 3D interface to the planet, based on Google Earth data

Well, nobody could have expected this! :-)

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Cute, cuter, The Cutest

When Cute Overload isn't enough for you, then visit The Cutest.

But try not to melt away while watching the Top 20!

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Remember, Remember the Fourth of November

Because that was the day I watched the movie V for Vendetta.

What a waste of time. The Wachowski brothers should take some time off and learn how to make movies.

Update: I changed my opinion. Maybe because the movie is now closer to reality. It's a "Must See" movie. (2008-08-27)
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