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Imagine Common Lisp's CPAN variant is down and nobody cares

Javier asks in his post <> on comp.lang.lisp what's happening to The site is down.

And about two days later there's no information in the newsgroup comp.lang.lisp or on Planet Lisp. No blog mentions anything.

It's like nobody really cares. But is heavily used for "Common Lisp's answer to CPAN", ASDF-Install.

I'm guessing there are just some technical problems and danb has enough to do to fix it. So I don't want to critize him or anyone else who is helping to fix the problem, instead of writing about it in his blog or on the news.

But it's still very strange. A central point of the community is out of order. And nobody cares.

That's sad.

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Some crazy guy announced a Python implementation in Common Lisp!

Willem Broekema announced CLPython in his news posting <> today.

That's really crazy shit! (Meant in a good way! :-)

A Python implementation in Common Lisp. At the moment it's Allegro only, but in the future we could perhaps compile CLPython with Python to run Python ... (CMUCL's compiler is called Python, too. :-)

Sound's like fun.

By the way: There's a similar approach called Python-on-lisp. This project uses the real Python and builds a bridge to it.

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