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A Night Elf gave me long trousers for X-Mas

I was running around in shorts. A mighty Gnome Warlock, spending some time at Loch Modan.

But this night a Night Elf gave me a nice present: Long trousers and something that goes along with this.

Yes, I'm playing World of Warcraft again. After some months without WoW I thought it could be a fun to try it again. This time during the X-Mas season. And the X-Mas and winter spirit is going crazy in Azeroth. :-)

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#+(and sbcl win32) 'heureka


As reported by Juho Snellman.

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Browser game Space-Pioneers

Some weeks ago a colleague recommended me the browser game Space-Pioneers.

I'm still playing it and have some fun. A classical "produce resources, build something, defend and fight" game. Placed in space (hence the name :-)

First you start with just one little planet and enough resources to build mines for metal and crystal.

Later you control 9 (13) planets, have space ships, and act like a trader or warrior.

You can find me in Galaxy 4. My name is Lispstein.

I get some premium points when you subscribe via the Galaxy 4 link above. If you don't want that just go to Space-Pioneers and select any Galaxy you want

When subscribed you start on one planet in one of the many solar systems in the galaxy. There can be other players in the same solar system, too. Don't be afraid. After the first few possible things are built you have to wait.

The more resources are needed to build something (buildings, ships) or to research some interesting topic (espionage, weapons, etc.) the more you have to wait. Not just a few minutes. It can be hours or days.

But that's what that kind of browser game is all about. You don't have to sit in front of you computer for very long. You start up your browser, make some moves and actions, and then go on with you work/life. Ideal game for the lunch break and many short playing times.

Typo is no Virus!

Visiting my own weblog in a lunch break is always very funny. The F-Secure Anti-Virus on my computer at work always thinks it has to warn me about a possible threat. But not all Typo based weblogs are dangerous.

But then again ... it warned me when I was evaluating FCKeditor, too.

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