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CL-EMB 0.3.0 - Generator loops

Released version 0.3.0 of CL-EMB. One of
the new features are generator loops. On every iteration a

generator function is called.
See the announcement for more information.

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What's in a name?

(Not a very inventive title. :-)

I'm playing World of Warcraft. It's my
first MMORPG and
I'm not the only newbie in this game.

Some things are very strange. One of them are the other players. You can help them
when they have problems. You can group together to complete quests. But you can't
make them change their name after they've invested days into the character they play.

It's a fantasy game. But you can see names you would expect in Quake or Unreal Tournament.

Choosing a name isn't easy. You can't change the name later on. So I recommend
Fantasy Name Generator.

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Netscape 8.0 Beta not so bad

The Netscape 8.0 Beta browser
was released on 2005-03-03. I've tried it a bit and must say that it's not as
bad as expected.

I won't use it myself. But this could be the right alternative for people who
still use the Internet Explorer. Some of them still only know two browsers: Netscape
and Internet Explorer. And with its very nice security features Netscape 8.0 really hits
the nerve of many frustrated IE users who are still afraid to upgrade.

One thing really bothers me: Unknown websites are displayed with the Gecko
rendering engine (Display
like Netscape
). As soon as you say you trust this website this is switched
to the IE engine (Display
like Internet Explorer
). You can customize this, but I don't
think the typical Netscape user would do that. When a webpage uses CSS and is rendered
fine in Netscape, it could look ugly or unusable after you switch to title="Text in Site Control dialog">I Trust This Site. :-(

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TBNL 0.3.12 released

Edi Weitz released

TBNL 0.3.12 two days ago
It now has a special variable *HTTP-ERROR-HANDLER* (defaults to NIL) which can
hold a function designator to an error handler for HTTP
errors like the 404 Not Found error.

In the following example a simple error handler just handles the 404 error. Every other error
returns NIL and TBNL takes over. The function could
emit some explanation about the site's structure or just show the wrong part of the URL and make fun of
the visitor. :-)

(defun http-error-handler (code)
"Return content for error output of HTTP error CODE."
(case code
(404 (emb:execute-emb *fnf-error-template*
`(:code 404 :uri ,(tbnl:request-uri))))))

(setf tbnl:*http-error-handler* 'http-error-handler)

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SBCL 0.8.20 released

Today version 0.8.20 of SBCL

was released. Much
was done and there was some discussion on the list when to turn to version number 0.9.

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Start of a new weblog

John Wiseman
called it Stefan's sorta weblog when my
website was just a simple collection of notes. It had the main features of a real

weblog, though.

But now it is a real weblog. In its early stage — as I'm writing this entry.
I've "migrated" some of the old notes and turned them into entries. Stay tuned for more stuff about
more than just Common Lisp. I promise entries
that don't mention CL-EMB! :-)

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