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CL-EMB examples

CL-EMB is still lacking a decent documentation. But hey, it's still version 0.0.3!

I've started a list of examples to accompany the ugly README file. Will be included in the next release.

Tags: CL-EMB, Lisp


CL-EMB has found a home at And the first user has sent a patch. Nice to know that some people aren't afraid of a 0.0.1 release. :-)

Tags: CL-EMB, Lisp

New template system with embedded Common Lisp: CL-EMB

Today I have released CL-EMB. It's a kind of combination of LSP (LispServer Pages) and HTML-TEMPLATE. You can embed Common Lisp (hence the name) into textfiles. Between <% and %> can be Common Lisp or special template tags like @if, @repeat, @loop, ...

It's in an early stage. Version 0.0.1. Needs a real documentation and lots of examples.

Tags: CL-EMB, Lisp