The reality of Stefan Scholl

"I hope there's pudding"

Gibberish Bookmarklet

Most people are able to read and understand text, even if it is all gibberish. The first and last letter need to stay the same as the correct spelling. The letters in between can be ordered any way and it remains readable.


Most poplee are able to read and userdatnnd txet, even if it is all gibsierbh. The fisrt and lsat letetr need to stay the same as the ccorert sllpieng. The lrteets in bweeten can be ordered any way and it rameins rdlabeae.

Bookmark (or better drag and drop it on the bookmark toolbar) the following bookmarklet: gibberish

Now you can click on the bookmarklet and convert any page into gibberish.

Much fun!

New Blogging Software

Had to change the blogging software again. Blogger isn't offering FTP publishing anymore and I was searching for months to find a fitting solution.

In the end I "just" wrote a new blogging software for myself.

I have no intention in publishing it, because there are so many blogging engines out there, that you don't need another one which only barely fits your own requirements.

Lessons learned:

  1. You can't rely on any free service on the net.
  2. Nothing fits your requirements 100%.
  3. Customizing existing blogging engines is as much effort as writing one yourself
  4. You don't need all the features.

And again: Sorry if the feed shows old posts as new.

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LHC explained

So, the LHC is on the news again. If you have missed it last year, don't miss it this time:

Large Hadron Rap

Tags: LHC, music, Physics

Getting the old open tab behavior back into Firefox 3.6

Set browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent to false.
Tags: Firefox

99 Bottles of Beer in Factor

99 Bottles of Beer in Factor.

A naïve implementation from someone who is just beginning to (re)learn the language and doesn't want to (nor can) show off the flashy features, like so many other examples of 99 Bottles of Beer.

USING: combinators io kernel make math math.parser sequences ;
IN: 99bottles

: bottles ( n -- str )
{ 0 [ "no more bottles" ] }
{ 1 [ "1 bottle" ] }
[ number>string " bottles" append ]
} case ;

: verse-0 ( n -- )
"No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer.
Go to the store and buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall."
print ;

: verse-n ( n -- )
[ dup bottles % " of beer on the wall, " % dup bottles %
" of beer.\nTake one down and pass it around, " %
1 - bottles % " of beer on the wall.\n" % ] "" make
print ;

: verse ( n -- )
dup 0 number= [ verse-0 ] [ verse-n ] if ;

: 99bottles ( -- )
100 reverse [ verse ] each ;

MAIN: 99bottles
Tags: Factor