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New Blogging Software

Had to change the blogging software again. Blogger isn't offering FTP publishing anymore and I was searching for months to find a fitting solution.

In the end I "just" wrote a new blogging software for myself.

I have no intention in publishing it, because there are so many blogging engines out there, that you don't need another one which only barely fits your own requirements.

Lessons learned:

  1. You can't rely on any free service on the net.
  2. Nothing fits your requirements 100%.
  3. Customizing existing blogging engines is as much effort as writing one yourself
  4. You don't need all the features.

And again: Sorry if the feed shows old posts as new.

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Other blogging software, again

It was time again to change the blogging software. Sorry if the newsfeed is showing old messages as new.
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German/Palatinate blog started

Mixing different languages (not programming languages :-) into one blog looks a little bit chaotic. Like reading English blogs on with a German browser. (They translate everything surrounding the English entries. Looks really funny.)

To be able to say some really important things (hehe) in my mother tongue, I've started a new blog called Dem Steff soi Blog.

There I'll mix two languages: German and a local German dialect. :-)

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Typo is no Virus!

Visiting my own weblog in a lunch break is always very funny. The F-Secure Anti-Virus on my computer at work always thinks it has to warn me about a possible threat. But not all Typo based weblogs are dangerous.

But then again ... it warned me when I was evaluating FCKeditor, too.

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New software

Yesterday I have installed Typo and migrated the few old articles by hand.

The old RSS feed hasn't changed — thanks to a little rewrite rule. Too bad there is no way to specify the category yet, so Planet Lisp gets the whole feed instead of just the Common Lisp stuff.

But I'm trying to change this. Or maybe just produce more (Lisp) output.

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Start of a new weblog

John Wiseman
called it Stefan's sorta weblog when my
website was just a simple collection of notes. It had the main features of a real

weblog, though.

But now it is a real weblog. In its early stage — as I'm writing this entry.
I've "migrated" some of the old notes and turned them into entries. Stay tuned for more stuff about
more than just Common Lisp. I promise entries
that don't mention CL-EMB! :-)

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