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Hey, let's deploy this Python Web Application!

Please choose:

  1. Apache + mod_python
  2. WSGI
  3. CGI
  4. FastCGI
  5. Python webserver
  6. Python webserver behind Proxy
  7. SCGI
  8. just give up
Background: A customer's hosting service has a nice table with all features that are available. Packet A and B don't allow Python and Ruby. But packet C does. Nice!


They don't tell you which version of Python or how to use/deploy it.

Random password generator updated

The random password generator has 2 new features: Length of a password and number of words

Tags: Web, Security

Random password generator for pronounceable passwords

Can't think of any good password? Just generate a random one.

Random Password Generator gives you a pronounceable password. Easy to remember.
Tags: Web, Security

Web Developer extension now supports Firefox 3

Good news everyone! Web Developer now supports Firefox 3. See the history and announcement.
Tags: Web, Firefox

Cute, cuter, The Cutest

When Cute Overload isn't enough for you, then visit The Cutest.

But try not to melt away while watching the Top 20!

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