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The Month of the Hunchentoot

Edi Weitz asked if people would be interested in using Hunchentoot (a web server implemented atop of TBNL) in Common Lisp implementations other than LispWorks.

A few weeks later the Month of the Hunchentoot began. :-)

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TBNL 0.3.12 released

Edi Weitz released

TBNL 0.3.12 two days ago
It now has a special variable *HTTP-ERROR-HANDLER* (defaults to NIL) which can
hold a function designator to an error handler for HTTP
errors like the 404 Not Found error.

In the following example a simple error handler just handles the 404 error. Every other error
returns NIL and TBNL takes over. The function could
emit some explanation about the site's structure or just show the wrong part of the URL and make fun of
the visitor. :-)

(defun http-error-handler (code)
"Return content for error output of HTTP error CODE."
(case code
(404 (emb:execute-emb *fnf-error-template*
`(:code 404 :uri ,(tbnl:request-uri))))))

(setf tbnl:*http-error-handler* 'http-error-handler)

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Update day: CL-EMB, TBNL, mod_lisp, and SBCL

Today was update day. CL-EMB 0.2.1, TBNL 0.3.4, mod_lisp 2.41, and SBCL 0.8.17.

TBNL has fileupload now (since 0.3.1) and there aren't (m)any missing features left. Current versions of mod_lisp must be optained directly from the subversion repository. SBCL now has unicode support. But be careful and test your code!

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