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CL-EMB 0.4.3 released

Current version 0.4.3 of CL-EMB now uses the faster file slurping function from and got a new template tag @insert

I fixed an example for generator loops in the README

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Released CL-EMB 0.4.1 and CL-WIKI 0.0.2

I just released CL-EMB 0.4.1 and
CL-WIKI 0.0.2.

CL-WIKI uses
the latest release 0.6.0 of CL-WHO for which
I've supplied some patches. CL-WHO now can
produce old school HTML. Versions below 0.6.0 just generate XHTML.

There are several wikis for almost every web aware programming language.
Wikipedia has a
List of wiki software.
The sad thing about that list: There's just one wiki engine for
Common Lisp at the moment.

That's why I have started the project CL-WIKI.
Very, very simple at the beginning. But I hope to turn it into a wiki engine that can
compete with the existing ones.

You can help by subscribing to the mailing list
cl-wiki-devel and
discussing the future of CL-WIKI.

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CL-EMB 0.3.0 - Generator loops

Released version 0.3.0 of CL-EMB. One of
the new features are generator loops. On every iteration a

generator function is called.
See the announcement for more information.

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Update day: CL-EMB, TBNL, mod_lisp, and SBCL

Today was update day. CL-EMB 0.2.1, TBNL 0.3.4, mod_lisp 2.41, and SBCL 0.8.17.

TBNL has fileupload now (since 0.3.1) and there aren't (m)any missing features left. Current versions of mod_lisp must be optained directly from the subversion repository. SBCL now has unicode support. But be careful and test your code!

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Released version 0.2.0 of CL-EMB yesterday and submitted it to Its project page looks cozy. :-)

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CL-EMB 0.1.1

Released version 0.1.1 of CL-EMB today. Still a leading "0." in the version string.

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CL-EMB examples

CL-EMB is still lacking a decent documentation. But hey, it's still version 0.0.3!

I've started a list of examples to accompany the ugly README file. Will be included in the next release.

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CL-EMB has found a home at And the first user has sent a patch. Nice to know that some people aren't afraid of a 0.0.1 release. :-)

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New template system with embedded Common Lisp: CL-EMB

Today I have released CL-EMB. It's a kind of combination of LSP (LispServer Pages) and HTML-TEMPLATE. You can embed Common Lisp (hence the name) into textfiles. Between <% and %> can be Common Lisp or special template tags like @if, @repeat, @loop, ...

It's in an early stage. Version 0.0.1. Needs a real documentation and lots of examples.

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